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Model Street Style

"A Fashion that does not reach the Streets, is not Fashion" - Coco Chanel

candice please comeback to fashion week!!! gemma ward comeback to high fashion!!

Unlikely but I wish that too!! 

what hapenned with ataui?

As far as I know (you can check out the deets in the article I posted or google it), she disappeared after a night at a club with her boyfriend. According to the bf and her bff, Ajak Deng, she disappears for 1-2 days at a time, but this time, she was missing for 10 days before the bf lodged a missing persons report. She was then found in an NYC hospital after a twitter campaign was started by her friends and most notably, Rihanna. Not too sure about her condition now though, but hopefully she’s fine. 

Could you introduce some cool blogs for male? I love your blog by the way.

Thank you!! Unfortunately, I don’t follow very much, but I think you can do a tumblr search for male fashion and that tag should give you a lot of good results!